Filigia was brought to life in 2015 to celebrate women. Created by a community of women who appreciate the finer things in life, it quickly became much more than a jewelry brand. Today, we empower our customers to embrace their unique side with affordable, high-quality jewelry inspired by beauty, power, and strength.



Our designers are always experimenting with the classics, adding their own twist and perspective. The collection is constantly updated with new drops, giving everyone a chance to find the pieces that speak to them.

And to really take things to a whole new level, almost every piece can be personalized. Our customers enjoy complete freedom of expression, telling their story in jewelry. This way, they can always have their most important people, moments, and expressions with them.


You deserve nothing less than perfection. And so, strict quality standards are maintained throughout the entire process. From sourcing the materials to casting and setting every last stone, we make sure that our jewelry is made to last. Our commitment to perfection doesn’t stop there. Every piece is also inspected by hand before it leaves our facility. Our team’s close attention to detail ensures the jewelry you receive will stay sparkling and beautiful for years to come.



How We Make

Come and see behind the scenes to where your jewelry made. Each personalized piece of jewelry is carefully prepared to make you feel special. Your Filigia jewelry is made from high quality sterling silver. All products have three different color optionsand all engraving and personalizations are done by hand. As a finishing touch, your jewelry is polished to perfection and packaging with love.