Oval Sapphire Rings - 18k Solid Gold Diamond Sapphire - 2023 the Best Style by Filigia
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The Elegance of Your Choice!

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The Elegance of Your Choice!

The Elegance of Your Choice!

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Oval Sapphire Rings – 18k Solid Gold Diamond Sapphire

(21 customer reviews)

$350.00 $249.99

29% Off

Oval Sapphire Rings

Make your loved ones feel special with handmade jewelry. Perfect gift for any time! The perfect personalized gift for yourself or someone you love.

Style: Minimalilst
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Holiday: Birthday
Can be personalized: Yes

♥ All our jewelry is custom made by hand with Love and Care in our workshop.

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Oval Sapphire Rings – 18k Solid Gold Diamond Sapphire

(21 customer reviews)

$350.00 $249.99

29% Off

Oval Sapphire Rings

Make your loved ones feel special with handmade jewelry. Perfect gift for any time! The perfect personalized gift for yourself or someone you love.

Style: Minimalilst
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Holiday: Birthday
Can be personalized: Yes

♥ All our jewelry is custom made by hand with Love and Care in our workshop.

Free Shipping!

SKU: 15FG144140-FGCategories:

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Oval Sapphire Rings

People want the gifts they receive to be personal to that person as much as they want them to be useful for the other party. Therefore, gift choices can turn into a big problem from time to time. Thanks to its stylish stance, its preparation with 925 sterling silver and its personalized nature, the ring options named silver, which is a very trendy gift type, contain models suitable for every style.

As Filigia Jewelry, we offer our customers a wide range of products with daisy, evil eye bead, heart or handwritten name options, which are among our Silver name Ring models. Thanks to our products, which stand out with their fine workmanship as well as quality, we provide a unique gift opportunity to people.

When special days are approaching, it takes a lot of effort to make the gifts both special and unique in order to give a pleasant surprise. When it comes to a gift that he will love but also feel valuable, it is often difficult to answer this question. You can find the right gift with our silver Oval Sapphire Rings models that we offer you for such situations.

Silver adds a special beauty to rings. It also looks very noble. Our expert staff in the field makes it much more valuable with their ingenious handicrafts. You can examine our ring models in different models and sizes. You will find the gift you are looking for very easily among our options. You will see how right your decision will be when you wear it on the neck of the person you care about.

Oval Sapphire Rings

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If you want the initials of your names or your whole name To your love, yourself or the most special person in your life Choose the letters or names you want and Goldstore will produce it for you. Moreover, not only rings, but also earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks…

Meaningful Oval Sapphire Rings

Oval Sapphire Rings designs are meaningful ring models that you will buy for the most special person in your life or for yourself. name Ring fashion, whose rise cannot be prevented in recent years, is one of the most beautiful jewelry that adorns the neck of those who want to feel their love at any moment. Oval Sapphire Rings developed by Goldstore’s jewelery expertise for yourself, your family, your love, your spouse or your friend; With 5 years warranty, free shipping and easy exchange-return advantages!

Oval Sapphire Rings models that you can custom-make for the most valuable person in your life or for yourself are available at Goldstore, either in gold or silver! Now you don’t need to do a lot of research or go around the stores for Oval Sapphire Rings prices. Goldstore provides you with the most beautiful designs and the most attractive prices for rings with your initials or your full name.

While the ring with your dream name is presented in silver with very stylish designs, the gold Oval Sapphire Rings models fascinate with their brilliance. If you want to give life to the most valuable names in your life, all you have to do is to examine Goldstore’s Oval Sapphire Rings models. Oval Sapphire Rings models crown your love with very special designs in which medallions, letters, two letters and a few names are written. It’s up to you to choose the letters and names, it’s up to Goldstore to produce it!

While the Oval Sapphire Rings, one of the most beautiful surprise alternatives, is presented in gold or silver, it looks even more beautiful with an evil eye bead, diamond or zircon ornament. Medallion ring models, on the other hand, are presented with names, letters, evil eye beads or different figure additions, with an elegance that will suit every style and taste.

Letter ring models, on the other hand, create ring models that you will not want to remove from your neck by adding a single letter or a few letters if you wish. For letter ring designs, choose one of the different models in Goldstore, one for you and the other for the one you love!

Oval Sapphire Rings are at your door with very stylish models in gold or silver, and with the expertise of Goldstore… With the best price, hassle-free return-exchange, 5 years warranty, free shipping, the Internet’s Gold-Hearted Jewellery is at Goldstore. Get It Now.

A design that is both bold and expressive, this piece allows you to create your own personal expression. Explore a fresh take on a classic piece with our contemporary designs such as name plate rings, cursive font, chokers or even a foreign language, and many more!Carry your custom ring with a name, nickname, or even a name of a significant other. Capture your personality with the trend that will never go out of style.

ARE Oval Sapphire Rings IN STYLE OR TRENDY?

Oval Sapphire Rings are timeless accessories. They’re daily staples that never go out of style. But what’s great about them is that they’re also versatile, which means they can exude different fashion personalities from classic to trendy. Our collection of name Ring has styles that go from minimalist and elegant to dainty and edgy. But just because they’re called name Ring doesn’t mean you’re limited to customizing them with just names. Personalize them with a slang word, for an instantly trendy feel.

WHAT DO Oval Sapphire Rings MEAN?

If you want a jewelry piece that allows you to easily express yourself, a Oval Sapphire Rings will be perfect for you. These rings feature names or words as pendants, so they offer a straightforward way of capturing the message/s you wish to convey through fashion. It can be your name, nickname, or your significant other’s name. It may also be an inspiring word. And if you want a sense of mystery, you may also have the text fashioned in a foreign language like Arabic or Chinese. Nothing feels more personal than a Oval Sapphire Rings, and it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts ever

Oval Sapphire Rings

Jewelry is one of the best accessories that can be worn with a variety of different outfits. A woman can use it to pull together her ensemble. An initial pendant can be a unique and eye catching choice when it comes to accessorizing an outfit.

With an initial pendant, a woman can easily make a statement in a way that exudes style and grace. By choosing a ring with a pendant of her first initial, a woman will have a unique piece of jewelry that can be used to complete any outfit. This is true whether she chooses such a pendant with a simple design or one with a more elaborate design.

For the woman who enjoys simple and uncluttered lines when it comes to jewelry, Unwritten offers an entire collection centered around the initial pendant. This jewelry accent is made of sterling silver. The clean and sleek lines of the letters allow her help focus the attention to the ring she is wearing.

Choose an intricately designed pendant with the letters centered in an oval. This scroll based pendant really catches the eyes and attention of the people that see it. Fashioned of 14k gold, this piece of jewelry will look stunning hanging from a 14k ring. It’s the perfect piece to wear to the office or when a woman wants to liven up an outfit.

Pendants of all types are sought out by girls and juniors as well. This is true for pendants that focus on initials as well. There are few other types of jewelry that allows girls and juniors, as well as women, to make such a personal statement as those that include their initial. This type of jewelry goes well with Dresses, jeans, and everything in between.

The most unique jewelry you can find, perfect gift for you and your loved one ♡

The Reasons You will Love It ♥ :
• It’s dainty and can be worn every day
• A special piece you’ll treasure
• High quality materials and attention to detail

The perfect personalized gift for yourself or someone you love. This Ring are wonderful and most memorable gift for your loved one’s or for yourself. Signature font Oval Sapphire Rings designed delicately in very sleek font and style which stands remarkable and classy.

♥ All our jewelry is custom made by hand with Love and Care in our workshop.

1) Select Color
2) Select Chain length
3) Click “Add to Cart”
3) Will need work name or letters write to the text box (like: Alex ♥ Linda -E♥A )
4) Checkout
5) Complete order

-The length option is the TOTAL chain length (including the charm). If you order an 18″” chain, the piece will come as CHAIN + CHARM = 18″”. All pieces will come with a 1″” extension chain so you can FINE TUNE the fit.
-All items are nicely packaged ready to gift in elegant jewelry boxes.
-If you can’t find the information you need or need some advice for your design? Feel free to contact us. We are fast to reply 🙂

Make your loved ones feel special with handmade jewelry. Perfect gift for any time!


21 reviews for Oval Sapphire Rings – 18k Solid Gold Diamond Sapphire

  1. Benjamin Hawkins (verified owner)

    So so cute!! Super fast shipping and it’s exactly what I wanted!

  2. Brandon Wells (verified owner)

    Love this necklace. Great to work with this shop.

  3. Hector Wilson (verified owner)

    So beautiful!!! Good quality too. Is just like the picture. I actually brought a second one for my friend!!!

  4. Lori Mccarthy (verified owner)

    This is the cutest necklace ever I would highly recommend and the owners are very sweet and helpful♥️♥️

  5. Jeffrey Robinson (verified owner)

    I have now ordered five necklaces from this shop, and each one has been perfect, just as hoped! The customer service is wonderful.

  6. Corey Myers (verified owner)

    Love the necklace!

  7. Steven Harper (verified owner)

    From Japan 🇯🇵”

  8. Justin Lee (verified owner)

    I got it as a gift for my best friend and it looks amazing on her!!!

  9. Dwayne Yoder (verified owner)

    Shipped on time. Looks great.

  10. Linda Gardner MD (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself and loved it so much that I instantly bought one for my best friend who just had a baby. It arrived the day she came home from the hospital and she absolutely loves it!

  11. Samuel Reid (verified owner)

    satisfied. will be ordering again.

  12. Lauren Walker (verified owner)

    Beautiful earrings. My sister loved them.

  13. Susan Lang (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece

  14. Paige Wyatt (verified owner)

    Love my necklace.

  15. Jason Rivera (verified owner)

    My daughter bought this for herself and it looked great. I might have to get one for my self.

  16. Linda Gardner MD (verified owner)

    So lovely!!!

  17. Philip Weaver (verified owner)

    Wife loved it !

  18. Todd Hernandez (verified owner)

    Love this necklace for my niece as a Christmas gift. I will be ordering more. Very well made.

  19. Beth Johnson (verified owner)

    Happy with necklace thank you

  20. Justin Yang (verified owner)

    Beautiful necklace. So happy with it. Would buy again.

  21. Kevin Hernandez (verified owner)

    For the price I’m out done and it exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love it .

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